La Paloma Townhouse

As a part of a full renovation that brought a light and fresh look to this this cozy 80’s townhome in the gated community of La Paloma Country Club, our contribution included the Huntwood, Bristol style, maple cabinets with a painted eggshell and glazed finish. These cabinets afford a sophisticated yet casual look to the [...]

Shelly Project

This project exemplifies how Spectra will work with you to accomplish your vision and still stay in your budget. A delightful experience where-in the owner/customer was hands on with all decisions and receptive to our input as to choices that could accomplish the desired effect yet not break the bank. For example, we recommended that [...]

Campisano Project

It is always a pleasure to team up with John Campisano, one of the southwest’s most accomplished and artful design builders. This home achieved a very high level of contemporary design, blended with hi-tech componentry. A neutral modern palate welcomes the exterior natural light and landscape into the space. Selections were made working closely with [...]

Clarkson Home

The goal was to open up the space of a 1970’s home while maintaining a cozy, welcoming environment. Working closely with the owner and Dave Stewart, from Chrysalis Living Designs, this was achieved with a warm color palate contrasting with features like the brick walls, a “Ferrari” red enamel Italian range and stained glass. Project [...]

Gould Simpson Building

University of Arizona Department of Geosciences We have done other work at the U of A but this project was truly a special honor. The Geosciences Department is the home of the true “rock-hounds”, the scientists who study all the minerals that comprise the Earth’s crust. Secondly, the logistics involved to hang 6’x10’ slabs vertically [...]