Gansline Project


Working with Bill Gansline is always a challenge and a pleasure. Our third substantial project together blends his cutting-edge design into a high summit natural environment surrounded by grand rock outcroppings and taking in a panoramic view across the Tucson valley. A veritable collage of materials and textures work to bring the indoor and [...]

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La Paloma Townhouse


As a part of a full renovation that brought a light and fresh look to this this cozy 80’s townhome in the gated community of La Paloma Country Club, our contribution included the Huntwood, Bristol style, maple cabinets with a painted eggshell and glazed finish. These cabinets afford a sophisticated yet casual look to the [...]

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Nelson Project


The Nelsons have created a cutting-edge contempory home in the Tanque Verde Valley. Designed by architect Aaron Katz, this home is worthy of a layout in Dwell magazine. "Merope" Silestone with a clean, flat, polished edge was used throughout for countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms on flat panel cabinets with bar handles, designed by [...]

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The Lodge at Ventana Canyon


We recently completed our contribution to the suite renovation project at The Lodge at Ventana Canyon. Over 50 units received a refreshed look that included our countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, and a suspended 5’ long bench in the luxury shower. The material we used is a leathered finish, “Toffee” Granite. As always, we [...]

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Shelly Project


This project exemplifies how Spectra will work with you to accomplish your vision and still stay in your budget. A delightful experience where-in the owner/customer was hands on with all decisions and receptive to our input as to choices that could accomplish the desired effect yet not break the bank. For example, we recommended [...]

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Campisano Project


It is always a pleasure to team up with John Campisano, one of the southwest’s most accomplished and artful design builders. This home achieved a very high level of contemporary design, blended with hi-tech componentry. A neutral modern palate welcomes the exterior natural light and landscape into the space. Selections were made working closely [...]

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Clarkson Home


The goal was to open up the space of a 1970’s home while maintaining a cozy, welcoming environment. Working closely with the owner and Dave Stewart, from Chrysalis Living Designs, this was achieved with a warm color palate contrasting with features like the brick walls, a “Ferrari” red enamel Italian range and stained glass. [...]

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Gould Simpson Building


University of Arizona Department of Geosciences We have done other work at the U of A but this project was truly a special honor. The Geosciences Department is the home of the true “rock-hounds”, the scientists who study all the minerals that comprise the Earth’s crust. Secondly, the logistics involved to hang 6’x10’ slabs [...]

Gould Simpson Building2016-11-07T20:16:59+00:00
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